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How to make money on YouTube


 How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

In this post, I'm going to teach you how to make money on YouTube, Google Adsense is the best way but not the only way, YouTube has over 1.9 billion users monthly and if you play your game well, you will make your own money from these user.

How to make money on YouTube

1. Join the YouTube partner program (YPP)

2. Sell your crunch

3. Set sponsored content

4. Become an affiliate partner

5. get your fans pay you directly

6. Use crowdfunding

7. License your content media

 1. Join the YouTube partner program (YPP)

Start a YouTube channel.

Creating a YouTube channel isn't hard and it's free, you can set it up within 5 minutes on average.

Meet the requirements for YouTube partner program.

You need 4k watch hours and 1k subscribers to join this program in the previous 12 months, getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours isn't easy at all but if you provide quality and interesting content, it won't be a problem at all.

Set up an AdSense account

Setting up an AdSense account isn't hard, read more on how to set an AdSense account here.

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Explore your new monentization features.

All monentization has difference criteria.

For instance

  • Ad revenue
  • YouTube premium revenue
  • Channel membership
  • Super chat payment
  • Merchandise shelf

Submit to ongoing reviews

Your YouTube channel will recognize by  YouTube channel, so you must try all your possible best to follow YouTube partner program and the guidelines to be free from copyright infringement.

 2. Sell your crunch

You can sell your own product on YouTube, this is another great idea on how to make money on YouTube.

  • Design your product
  • Source or build your products
  • Create your shop and landing page
  • Enable your YouTube partner merchandise shelf
  • Promote your product in your videos

 3. Create sponsored content

Influencing is not only on Instagram, the best thing here is that nothing concerns YouTube with your earnings, you can bargain the price with the brand and they pay you, I think this is the best idea on how to make money on YouTube, 

  • Find a brand to partner with
  • Make a deal
  • Be transparent about your sponsored Ads

 4. Become an affiliate partner

If you have a loyal audience, you can tell them to visit your online store, look for a good Affiliate program and join, when they buy a product after clicking your affiliate tracking links, you earn a commission.

 5. Get your fans pay you directly

How to make money on YouTube

This is another great strategy on how to make money on YouTube, the best option for your fans to pay you directly is making it easy for them to give you money using their credit card.

  • Host live chat
  • Tell your fans to join the chat
  • Tell your fans to join YouTube premium subscribers

 6. Use crowdfunding

  • Set up a crowdfunding account
  • Promote your campaign in your videos
  • Go beyond YouTube

 7. License your content media

Create good content and always make it go viral, many news outlets will like to replay the video to their own audience, they will pay you depending on the amount you charged them.

  •  Keep your contact details on your about Page
  • Sign up to a video rights marketplace

How much can you make on YouTube?

How to make money on YouTube

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You can make any amount on YouTube depending the number of views you have, a video of 1k views can earn you between $3 to $5, if you have a lot of views, you can be making $4000 and above monthly, for example, markangel makes $5k and above per video on YouTube, making enough money on YouTube depends your hard work.

We have highlighted the best ideas on how to make money on YouTube here, you can follow these 7 tips and make money from your YouTube channel aside Google Adsense, sell your products and make money, Advertise for people and make money, if you are new to YouTube and your aim is to make money fast, you will end up quiting, take making money aside and grow your audience first, I have a successful YouTube channel now, my niche is blogging tips, I teach people how to start a blog and be successful, when I started my first channel, i was too desperate about the money, i abandoned it because it was not doing well, I later created my second channel and start it gradually, I almost quit the second time but I learnt one thing, I started doing keyword research, I find out what people are searching for on YouTube, I started creating videos on those keyword, I was Able to join the YouTube partner program (YPP) that month.

If there is any area you don't understand on this ideas of how to make money on YouTube, make use of the comment box or shoot me an Email via the contact us page.

Best of luck.

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